Item collection 02a4b083 d8a5 442a 8a34 3671433b3968

Turquoise Sterling Silver Anklet


Item collection 6eeee9d4 b23f 49a9 a7d9 283ddfb42544

Hematite Heart Sterling Necklace


Item collection ccdc85ff a198 4046 9560 ddd668602f94

Sparkling Druzy Pendant in Gold


Item collection 5f018cb7 57cd 4d62 9386 c90e10fbdc7d

Peace Sign Wreath Pendant in Fine Silver


Item collection ed8d73ae 395a 4237 b187 5c3ea23a459a

Gemstone Sparkles Bracelet


Item collection 4624453c dcda 4b2c bc4a 4bc679099322

Powder Puff Aqua Earrings


Item collection 62324264 4ad5 4323 b5e0 67f37844a9c4

Deep Amethyst Drop Earrings


Item collection 2efb1887 9983 4c2c bbf0 db54661308de

Teddy Bear Earrings in Crystal


Item collection c5030013 a3e5 4f76 bc61 aa8dcba94b96

Delicate Gold Filled Clover Chain Bracelet


Item collection 268389b0 4810 4963 b8a2 aecc12ae1ded

Sparkling Chain Opal Sterling Silver Earrings


Item collection f0fdfe31 7be1 4b0e b466 756b2ae0a93e

Stunning Blue Green Wave Dichroic Dangle Earrings


Item collection a7c245d9 52a8 4cf0 9e4e b832e6bf3547

Sterling Glittering Celtic Amethyst Earrings


Item collection 813cade0 57f2 408a b9f2 09db7f6dc393

Turquoise Celtic Knot Earrings


Item collection d5d571c5 f34b 4717 b5ec 6ec915592c7f

Turquoise Celtic Knot Bracelet Earrings Set


Item collection 4057ddbb 97d2 4289 964b 7aa14d5f0a48

Amethyst Lace Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings


Item collection 75a17323 3f64 47c8 aa23 6a27bbc1002e

Glittering Tanzanite Crystal Anklet


Item collection 0584db17 1886 4e07 ad5a a632bd9b6309

Rose Crystal Ankle Bracelet in Sterling Silver


Item collection c005082e 712a 46b6 8406 ce57284d022b

Lapis Blues in Sterling Earrings


Item collection 882de3f8 1a85 4e9a a430 0c27c9a1832e

Rainbow Moonstone 6 x 4mm Oval cabochons 4 PCS


Item collection db353021 f567 4cc3 9e98 5b768529ae85

Pearl Bracelet with Sterling Silver


Item collection 782afc8c 8409 4286 a1d2 14c4c9da6456

Sparkling Austrian Crystal Vitrail Heart Earrings


Item collection 565405e2 7023 4490 a6c6 82b36c17d906

Shining Hematite Hearts Sterling Silver Ankle Bracelet


Item collection 6f2cf2e1 178f 40a0 9d39 3d94b74e018b

14K Gold Filled Freshwater Pearl Bracelet


Item collection 15a312c4 2ce8 4da5 9ec9 db7357fd4131

Beautiful Pearls and Sterling Silver Ankle Bracelet


Item collection 82846533 bdd8 4f4e 8d0f e176b4c0c1e0

Sterling Silver Filigree Lace Pearl Earrings


Item collection 8a5fb090 a6e3 4675 950f 3e454d58d5d3

Triple Pastel Heart Earrings


Item collection b352bbdb 939f 4c56 b0fa 9a3714043559

Turquoise Sterling Silver Chain Earrings


Item collection 0355f629 1220 4b3d aae2 16f81a2771b3

Crystal and Aquamarine Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet


Item collection be30c808 8e79 4063 b31f ee89d9a9c818

Sterling Natural Turquoise Nugget Bracelet


Item collection b864b9ad b7c3 41ef 8012 c967cd5b8d27

Goddess of the Woods Pendant


Item collection 90d8c891 fc6d 44ab 90e6 9f04cb96e351

Sparkling Dichroic Dangle Earrings in Silver


Item collection bc555fb9 4687 4ef7 961b 83e4a6c01db1

Stars Sterling Bracelet


Item collection d1548e36 a2f6 4b32 be5b 9411a6078660

Rose Beauty and Glowing Moonstone Bracelet


Item collection f31a2759 b35f 4c5b b3be 246c7d9fde2f

Turquoise Dreams Bracelet


Item collection 3a1ce2f7 5799 49de b187 b2ed37dd23b7

Lucky Clover Moons Glow Bracelet


Item collection f62ead02 d05e 4c0d a68f ba6c528284c7

Crysacolla Sterling Bracelet


Item collection c9e14966 de69 472b 8087 9277077c18c7

Sterling Clover Moonstone Bracelet


Item collection df21c90b 61e1 41f0 b198 0a6e87460879

Ruby Red Earrings


Item collection b9a32352 43dd 47a8 afb5 688815e80c91

Deep Sapphire Sterling Earrings


Item collection 48d374dd baf6 4286 84f7 69a2c6c0323c

Sterling Filigree Hearts Earrings


Item collection 244c571a 2e78 4cc2 95db 2586ebce3021

Beautiful Opal Dreams Bracelet


Item collection 78f8163d d492 4c84 bd9a c4667b3ce6cd

Dichroic Sterling Silver Pendant


Item collection fd095927 d0b6 4068 afc7 212e418462dd

Garnet Diamonds Sterling Silver Anklet


Item collection f064febb da72 43e7 8af1 c7dc82f89555

Turquoise Sterling Silver Clover Anklet


Item collection a10f19d5 b353 4da5 926a a679c74b8fbc

Sterling Silver Dichroic Filigree Ring


Item collection c9445348 ef82 4436 a21a e871909fcc23

Fine Silver Garnet Hoop Earrings


Item collection baa6c87d c6f6 47e1 aa64 df5d22d28677

Natural Green Turquoise Nugget Sterling Silver Bracelet


Item collection cf4d373c 6063 42b7 9caf b4d684b24312

Egyptian Coil Set in Copper and Bronze


Item collection 1616a545 715b 4068 9be1 738c1abcce5d

Day Lilly's in Onyx and Rubies Earrings


Item collection a1e41b2e 01d7 49f8 9665 a381abaa4b91

Goddess Dreams Lace Filigree Chain Bracelet


Item collection 9b9f0f57 fa52 4126 8b32 e17dbf44fac8

Gold Filled Clover Chain Bracelet


Item collection e7a654da 60bc 42af ba63 4bdaa854882a

Daisy Blue Pendant


Item collection 3337b943 8902 4a4e bab9 ba33135e2b5f

Fine Silver Glittering Purple Beauty Pendant


Item collection 74c6cfc1 8649 4fdf a170 702580ac6af7

Ocean Blue Waves Agate Pendant


Item collection 6c2aee89 438a 432e 9f5f 98eb36961573

Blue Fire Pendant


Item collection 8b0582d6 edc8 488e b62c d0efff08633a

Sparkling Dichroic Gold Flowering Pendant


Item collection e5acf725 6064 4dae b7db 4617182e3154

Divine Shades of Purple Pendant


Item collection 80607779 99e2 4f38 bfaf 75902f32a77f

Goddess Moonstone Dreams Sterling Silver Anklet


Item collection 1f5004f0 dde3 43c3 9ddc 8ed8cc7326e0

Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearls & Crystals Ankle Bracelet


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